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The human mind questions endlessly. It entertains many questions, some simultaneously, and ponders over the possibilities pertaining to these questions. Is the organic produce industry a scam? Can Trump possibly retain the presidency for another term? Are the Illuminati actually real? Does vaping actually help in quitting cigarettes? Well, this article should be able to answer one of these questions; and no, we’re not going into politics anytime soon here.

Let's cut to the chase: smoking cigarettes is detrimental to your health. When lit, a cigarette emits about 7000 chemicals, the majority of which are known to be toxic. Smoking kills over 480,000 Americans each year, which means one in five deaths can be traced down to cigarettes. 9 out of 10 deaths from lung cancer are linked to smoking. It is safe to conclude that smoking does everything but guarantee a hearty, happy life. So the question is, what exactly are your options in an effort to rid yourselves of it?

Vaping features inhalation of smoke from a device, better known as an Electronic Cigarette. Free from the harmful emissions of the cigarette; vaping suffices as the modern escape for adults who look to kick the cig where it hurts. Scientifically proven, vaping is about 95% safer than smoking. This fact alone turns many towards the avenue of vape.

In efforts to further better the cig-free world, the vape-world geniuses continuously strive towards attaining innovation every day. One of their recent efforts bore fruit in the form of FOGG pods devices. These pod devices are disposable, which means they spare you the hassle of stocking and filling up E-liquid. FOGG pod devices contain nicotine salts, over the traditional free-base nicotine. Nicotine salts feature lower alkaline levels as opposed to the free-base nicotine. This makes for a significantly smooth, velvety throat hit, unlike the free-base nicotine, at higher concentrations. These pods allow up to 300 puffs before they can be disposed of. Simple to carry around, FOGG pods are portable and can be slipped in and out of your pockets with ease; anytime, anywhere.

The pod devices come in 7 all-new flavors, in nicotine concentrations of 20mg and 50mg.

For heavy smokers, quitting cigarettes completely can often be an uphill task, no matter what alternative they turn to. Studies have shown how smokers often carry on smoking while they’re vaping, indicating a lack of effort on the consumer’s part. Vaping may not be certified or approved method of smoking but is highly recommended to those who struggle to smoke. It is not only a safer alternative but also significantly cheaper than smoking. Smokers may need to experiment with different nicotine concentrations and flavors to see which works best for them.

Vaping is an effective avenue when it is used as a way out of smoking, but can possibly work in the negative when taken up as a pathway into the combustible cigarette world. Smokers can start with higher nicotine concentrations and work their way towards lower concentrations, eventually hitting zero-nicotine levels, at which point they should be able to enjoy nicotine-free vaping.

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